Photo Journal

Starting in 2016 a daily growing photographic journal came to existence. Recent extracts are to be found on the following website:
Photography has the ability to evoke new meaning of a random or unspectacular moment by defining an image section. It allows to see that moment from a different point of view and to reflect upon little things in our daily routine we otherwise simply would have overseen. The camera as a tool to capture such moments is my daily companion, from which this journal-like collection emerged.
There is no exact story that connects these pictures other than the fact that they represent certain moments in my daily routine.

The camera reflects the things as they are, but it's the photographer that makes the pictures talk. Put a hundred photographers in a room with a cube on a table and every single photo would tell a different story depending on what those photographers want the cube to be. Photography like any kind of art has the potential to bring people closer together while it tries to express feelings that can't be shown through language.