Jam Night

The Jazz-School (jazzcampus) in Basel frequently organises jam sessions, that are open to the public. We had the opportunity to design draft-proposals for one of these events.The logo I developed can be used as a key visual for all jam nights and be included in all different kinds of posters, flyers or any kind of advertising media.These is only one suggestion of many possible implementations.


Literature Festival

This was a teamwork project, in which a key visual-ad was created by a group of four people. It hat to advertise the "Buch Basel" festival in an interesting way.
The content of the books read by the models was visualized by projecting text on them.



This is a personal project for which this duotone-poster was developed. With the subject of “water” and an experimental approach these visualisations were created. The microphotographies of waterdrops were composed and the poster offset printed.